Price information for Tax Year 2023

In a world of ever-increasing prices, we strive for efficiency and lowering our costs for the benefit of our clients. There are so many families struggling financially that we believe having to pay for their tax preparation should not be a problem.


We price our services by the forms necessary to complete your return. Forms start at $15 each. If you have special circumstances, complexities or we have to contact you to fill in or confirm information, there may be an extra charge based on the issue and its complexity.

Total average costs for a typical return, including 1 in home business in a taxing state range from $255 - $295. If you live in a non-taxing state (Texas, Florida, Washington, South Dakota, Alaska, New Hampshire, Nevada, Wyoming, Tennessee), the average costs range from $215-$265. Your exact costs may be higher or lower depending on the number of forms and the complexity of your return. Electronic filing is included on all returns.

If you wish to make changes after the returns are completed, there may be an additional charge.

Pricing for business portion only
  • Schedule C (Profit or (Loss) from business) $75.00
  • Form 4562( Depreciation) $30.00
  • Form 8829 (Expenses for Business Use of Home) $30.00
  • Schedule SE (Self-Employment Tax) $20.00
  • Schedule C Only $75.00-$150.00

Our pricing is based on your data, and the manner in which it is presented to us. Therefore, we expect you to have your data organized, categorized, and totaled. If we have to stop to do bookkeeping on your papers, organize or spend extra time on your account, we will do so as time allows. An extra charge for the additional time/work involved will be added to your bill. If we have to stop/start your return because you do not supply us with all of the information needed, we will charge an interruption cost of a minimum of $10.00 for each occurrence. It is crucial that you use our Tiernan & Associates Tax Organizer listed above, so that there are no additional interruption fees. The book lists all items of importance and, if filled out correctly, will help to reduce the possibilities of interruption charges.


Bookkeeping services affordable for every small business owner.  Think of the advantages of allowing us to do your bookkeeping:

New bookkeeping services available for Small Business owners.

Jody Tiernan and Tiernan and Associates pleased to announce bookkeeping service pricing designed to be affordable by every small business owner regardless of business size, or level in the business.

Bookkeeping services are affordable for businesses of all sizes and levels—owner, director, consultant. Think of the advantages of allowing us to do your bookkeeping:
  • Quarterly Profit and Loss statements, to keep you in touch with the status of your business.
  • Peace of mind knowing all items are accounted for correctly and the reduced chances for audit.
  • Knowing all your records are in proper format and ready, should your return be selected for an audit.
  • Seamless integration of your business information into your tax return.

Here is a breakdown of the new services rates for bookkeeping: (New customers only)

If your total sales are less than $5,000/year no commission income.
If your total sales and commissions are less than $5,000 and commissions of less than $1,500<
If your total sales are over $5,000 or commissions over $1,500, or achieve Director status.

Please contact our office 937-832-0271 or for more detailed information.