Bookkeeping is typically the most unpleasant component of any business, but we can help! We offer complete bookkeeping service for your business. We have you send to us, on a monthly basis, all your receipts, sales slips, account statements, etc. From this information, we will generate a quarterly Profit and Loss statement for you, and also advise you of the need to make quarterly estimated tax payments. This will allow you to keep in touch with your business, whether your business is making a profit or loss.

This will also help identify which expenses are tax deductible.  Your material will be returned to you in a format ready for and accepted by the IRS should they ever need to look at your books.


If you have an audit, you will have nothing to fear, your information will be complete.We provide this service on a tiered fee system, based on your business level. For $1 or less a day, you can be assured that the information that is provided to us is guaranteed in case of an audit. If you decide to complete your own bookkeeping please do not throw everything in a shoebox and hope you have everything. If the Internal Revenue Service ever sends you that unpleasant "your return has been chosen for audit" letter the "shoebox method" will not work.

income and expenses


To correctly account for your income and expenses we suggest that you purchase our expandable file folder system. The "How to organize your receipts" lists the various categories that your business may or may not have. Throughout the year you will put the receipts you receive in the correct categories. The advantage of our expandable file folder system is that it will allow you to take it with you wherever you go. For most people once you have a receipt it will end up in a purse, wallet, the bottom of the floor of your car, and etc. So to avoid that problem you simply put the receipts in the expandable file folder when you have your receipt. With our system you can rest at night knowing that your bookkeeping is in one place, safe, secure, and most important Correct!

Save Your Marriage

I have one very important suggestion if you wish to do your own bookkeeping: do not give this to your spouse to do.Having your spouse do your bookkeeping could lead to lengthy explanations of your business purchases—purpose, necessity, cost. This may lead you to give a 40-50 minute dissertation on each item purchased, and ultimately lead to marriage counseling after months of sorting receipts!