Jody Tiernan provides seminars

as an opportunity for you to receive information about us, our business and how we can help you make your tax process more efficient.  During our seminars you will:

  • Lean how to organize your tax records
  • Learn how we can prepare your tax return with minimal cost and optimal results, as well as
  • Have the opportunity to have questions answered about your business.

We would like to provide you with this information at no cost or obligation on your part. Since 1980, our firm has provided tax seminars to educate home based business owners how to properly account their business information on their personal return.

We have traveled throughout the country, literally from coast to coast, including California, Florida and Alaska, to provide this information and are always looking to expand our business. We would like to establish business with you and your area associates. These seminars will provide much information concerning tax issues that affect your business. We also provide information about the best ways to organize and keep your business records.

Ultimately, we would like to help you and your consultants to do as well as possible, and provide you with the correct information regarding your taxes. We can provide an excellent recruiting tool in helping your recruits understand their business, teach them what is deductible, and answer difficult tax questions.

Helpful Tools

At our seminars, we make available several useful tools to help you properly prepare your tax return. We have our Tax Organizer Booklets for $5.00 (at the seminar or downloaded from our site), or $10.00 if mailed to you. We also have available a vehicle mileage log for $3.00.

A video of one of Jody’s tax seminars for Mary Kay is also available. The video is available in DVD format for just $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. the videos will be mailed to you.

No upcoming seminars

When we have seminars scheduled, we will update this section.

For more information concerning an upcoming seminar you may Contact Us by filling in our Contact Us form or by giving us a call at our office.